1. What is Pixel Jobs?

Pixel Jobs is our vision of how the job search for the creative folks should be. Creative folks both job seekers & recruiters depend upon outdated platforms for posting and searching for jobs. In irony of things the very services creative folks use for job search were designed in the dark ages of the internet.

So Pixel Jobs is a new and refreshed take on job search with a strong focus on aesthetics and design catering specifically to the community of the creative folks which best appreciate it.

2. What are featured jobs?

They are a ton of great jobs being posted on Pixel Jobs daily. Featured jobs is akin to bookmarking your favorite web page.

These jobs are currently being curated by the Pixel Jobs team and are refreshed each week.

3. Why are we doing this?

We are designers at heart and it saddens us to see that there is no niche or outlet for “creative folks” like us to connect with job seekers & providers. And what currently exists is far from fulfilling our needs.

So we decided to build “Pixel Jobs” for ourselves. An engaging platforms were real world jobs for the creative industry are present.

4. What is next at Pixel Jobs?

We are constantly hustling and experimenting with new features to make Pixel Jobs the one stop destination for the creative industry for their job requirement.

Currently under beta phase we are tweaking it to create a lean experience.

5. How to get in touch with us? Or suggest new

New goodies will constantly be rolled for you guys. Have some feature you think which should we should be working on?

Shoot us a mail at hello@pixelonomics.com

6. Are you hiring?

We are constantly on the lookout for mad hatters to join our team and help us grow. If you think you have what it takes? Email us at hello@pixelonomics.com