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08 Nov
Are you creative? Dig graphics + design?

Consider yourself creative enough? Can you think of fresh graphic ideas and at the same time, execute them with a precise eye for detail?

Sparklin is looking for Creative Graphic Designers to join the family. We have created some of the most creative graphics in the Indian startup ecosystem. Our clients would agree.

Feel free to go through "Sparklin 101" to read about the culture we believe in and strike hard to build. If you think you are a match, apply for this opening.

At heart, we love building design centric solutions. We even built a creative job platform called Pixel JobsYes, the one you are using! Simply because we felt the pain.   


Perks We Offer   

We offer the entire Sparklin Team the best in the design startup culture.

  1. Variety of design challenges + experiments every week
  2. Meetings with various design experts from time to time
  3. Early access to products
  4. Meeting the best minds worldwide. We have interacted with everybody from Vinod Khosla (Founder - Khosla Ventures) to Joe Gebbia (Founder - AirBnB) to Eric Schmidt (Chairman - Google) this year alone

Again, have you gone through Sparklin 101 yet?

How to apply?

If you re reading this, please complete this sentence and use it as your subject line:

Passion to me is....

and share that with a